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The rainbringer
03 January 2007 @ 07:21 am
Okay, to start with... I want to thank flamingphoenix5 and zeeb for the helpful advice. :) Thanks also to anyone who replies in the meantime - but I'll answer in detail in four or five days, 'cos this morning I'm taking a leave of absence (orite, after being back at lj for an entire day) to go to IN and play in the leaves. 'bye, you guys! Have a good week, and don't do anything terribly messy or illegal whilst I'm gone. <3
The rainbringer
03 January 2007 @ 01:16 am
Actual post time? Yes, I think so...

I don't really expect anyone to read through this entire post – it's going to be long. :o I haven't updated in ages, though, so there is a lot to say. 'tis time to reflect on the first semester of college, hopes for the future, the holiday season, relationships, and the new year.

Thoughts about the first semester, rather depression-y.Collapse )

Reflections on my university major. Advice muuuchly appreciated (just read the pro/con lists if 'tis too long).Collapse )

What the panj has been doing, in convenient list-like form.Collapse )

I still have tons to do tonight, lol... oh well, best get started. Yay long entry, tis good to be caught up to the new year.
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The rainbringer
In 2007, yuschi resolves to...
Give some bright eyes to charity.
Lose ten icons by March.
Pay for my wings on time.
Start a javascript fund.
Connect with my inner tolkien.
Eat more forests.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

The last one made me giggle.

Coming tomorrow: more than a meme!
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The rainbringer
12 December 2006 @ 02:10 am
a stocking!Collapse )

...yeah, the truth is that I'm just greedy.

but please give me things anyway? ._.
The rainbringer
18 October 2006 @ 02:03 pm
I've been doing this survey after my homework is finished and before Paul wakes up each morning... I need to stop that, though, am very sleepy. -.-

But, yes... it's an interesting survey, more "tell us about your life/philosophies" than "tell us a lot of random identification facts that we already knew." That said, it's long, and I don't really expect many other people to do it, though I'd be interested in their answers...

Alphabet!Collapse )

*goes to nap on a Union couch*
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The rainbringer
09 October 2006 @ 09:32 pm
elouai&apos;s doll maker 3

*sets about making boyfriend* :)

There. Boyfriend.Collapse )
The rainbringer
04 October 2006 @ 09:41 am
...no, I don't have anything to say; I'm just bored and waiting for NRES to begin.

NRES is my, "hey lol this is ur major heres wut we're going 2 do" class. As such, it should be very relevant and interesting. And it's not bad - we do occasional topics that are like, "ooooh, cool, want to know more", but sadly, never in any depth. v_v

My professor has remarkably low expectations for such an intelligent man... his quizzes are ridiculously easy, and he has an "A for effort" policy on homework assignments. I'm not complaining, since it is an easy grade, but I have to wonder: are the standards of my major really that low? ACES doesn't exactly have the highest reputation here, even though it was the foundation of the university. Smart people are in engineering or MCB or something abstract and academic (History, Literature). You know who goes to ACES? Farmers, people who want to be farmers. And although there are some very intelligent agriculturists out there; in general, it's integrity - not brilliance - that is associated with the field.

It's a bit surprising to observe the composition of my NRES class; I did not expect the backgrounds/ambitions to be so overwhelmingly agricultural. Wouldn't farmer-y people go into crop sciences or the like? NRES is for mountains, animals, geology, world population problems, pollution, etc...

But I forgot that, in Illinois, NRES does inevitably have an agriculture base, because our environment is... crop fields. Heh. So it seems like the right major for people who have somewhat broader interests, but still want to stay in the family business or manage soil/water treatment here in the midwest?

I'm not complaining, exactly, though I hope there are classes later on which deal more specifically with global topics... it's just surprising.

That is a bad conclusion, but I must stop rambling about class and go to class.
The rainbringer
04 October 2006 @ 03:20 am
i guess it's time for the promised update, now... but i'm not quite sure what to say. :\ screw capitalization, lack thereof makes it easier to think.

first off: thanks for the well wishes, everyone! they were muchly appreciated. and i'm really excited to be seeing some of you this weekend.

secondly, a list of loot (kez does this, and she maligned me for not being greedy enough):

+ silver mexican spiral earings
+ abalone ring
+ abalone necklace
+ abalone bracelet
+ 3 amazing .gifs lolz
+ cute miniature coloured pens, to help organize my life
+ hello kitty stickers
+ a pencil sharpener/new pencils
+ a feast for crows (martin)
+ city of golden shadow (williams)
+ a catcher in the rye (salinger)
+ deadhouse gates (erikson)
+ body lotion
+ denim skirts, shirts
+ a mug with chai tea inside
+ a miniature hershey's bar
+ free ice cream from coldstone's
+ fireworks (on saturday lolz; they weren't really for me, but it was fun to pretend)
+ a birthday post from my boyfriend
+ singing from boyfriend, yay

...i think that's it? yes, i'm spoiled utterly rotten. friends/family rock, what can i say. ^_^

it was a good birthday, all in all... no real angst or drama, and even the chem lab went well. um... and 17 was a pretty decent year. i'm so insightful now, aren't i? yes. 18 will be better. upwards climb and all.

somehow the fact that my suitemate is taking a shower at 3:30 a.m. makes me feel less lonely and ridiculous for being up at this hour.

i don't regret it though. :3 today i remembered myself that friends are very important. especially to creatures that need ... validation? as in, the friends take turns sharing and validating each others' emotions and thoughts. sometimes that action is even more important than the specific nature of responses...

iunno. tired. my life would be so awesome if i didn't think so much. xD (or... not too much, but about the wrong things, really.)

i guess i'll sleep for a bit now... thanks again, everyone.
The rainbringer
Well, today is my birthday. I am 18. Yay! My friends have already provided some amazing gif(t)s, and two of them made birthday posts, which made me feel really special and happy inside. I'm not even being sarcastic. ^_^

Amazing.Collapse )

I hope you are all properly amazed.

And not too scarred.

More reflections on being 18, and happenstances of the day, will be posted later. I have lots to look forward to... a three-hour chemistry lab (yeah, that was sarcasm), free ice cream :D, prezzies, and talking to my boyfriend. <3

Also sleep. Yaaay, sleep.
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The rainbringer
27 September 2006 @ 09:10 pm

*would like a refund for this day*
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